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A quilt is more than just a blanket that provides warmth and comfort. It’s a loving gift, an expression of creativity, or a custom element of your decor. Whether you’ve been working on your quilt top for a year or have put it together in a couple of months, you’ve put yourself into it in so many ways that it has become an extension of You. Now that it’s completed, have Winsor Farm Quilts finish it with professional quilting. With dozens of patterns to choose from and a professional to handle everything, you can free yourself up to start working on your next creation. Jennifer at Winsor Farm Quilts can handle any of the steps needed to turn that top into the perfect quilt.

With over 25 years of quilting experience, Jennifer appreciates the many hours of work and dedication that went into making your quilt top. Her computerized Gammill/Statler Stitcher allows her to finish your quilt with precision, adjusting the size of a quilting pattern to fit the dimensions of your quilt, making the quilting pattern fit perfectly onto your top.

Start now to select your pattern from the dozens available. If you don’t find what you want, just give her a call to discuss the type of pattern you would prefer.  Taking the next step will result in a finished quilt to cherish for years to come.

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Jennifer Chace applied her expertise to 3 baby and 2 alphabet quilts for me. One was the first quilt I had ever made. The outcome was delightful and so well appreciated by my granddaughter, that she has loved the results to rags. So I guess the only thing to do is to re-piece a copy and ask Jen to quilt it again.
— Gail from Cumberland

Thanks, Jen, for the great job quilting my latest creation. I was impressed by the broad selection of design choices and I was able to choose one that works well with my fabrics. Your turnaround was faster than I expected and the work was excellent. I’m looking forward to my next project and am happy to have a reliable person to quilt my work. Thanks for making this so easy.
— Betsy P from Foster

After so many hours of work, it was with complete confidence that I turned to Jen at Winsor Farm Quilts to quilt my latest quilt. Her work is handled with care, turn-around is quick and the results top shelf. This quilt was a very special piece, of course, no worries in Jen’s hands. So pleased.
— Kim M

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