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Preparing Your Quilt

  1. Your backing must be at least 8 inches bigger than your quilt top (meaning if your top is 68” x 88”, your backing should be at least 76” x 96”).
  2. Your backing should be as square as possible.  If you don’t have room to piece and/or square up your backing, I can do that for you.  Please see order sheet for details.
  3. Press your top and backing to remove as many wrinkles as possible.  If a wrinkle is quilted in, it cannot be removed. All incidental wrinkles from shipping will be removed when the quilt is loaded on the quilting machine.  If you would rather that I press your top and/or backing, there will be a charge. Again, please see order sheet for details.
  4. If you have pre-washed the fabric prior to piecing your quilt top, please make sure your backing has also been washed. This will reduce the chances that your beautiful quilt will shrink unevenly when washed in the future.
  5. Seams on your quilt top should be pressed flat and secured against unraveling.
  6. Hanging threads should be removed from the back of the quilt top. In some cases, these threads can show through some of the lighter fabrics in your quilt top and will not be able to be removed after your quilt is quilted.
  7. Quilt tops should never be “squared up” as that could distort the border you may have attached. Slight fullness can be quilted out and I will do the best I can to smooth out the waves. However, if your quilt top is extremely “wavy” you may need to take off the border, measure your quilt top through the center of the quilt and adjust the length of your border prior to reattaching it.
  8. If you have one edge of your quilt top (and/or backing) that you consider to be the top of the quilt, please pin a note on the side that is the top.
  9. In the same manner, if you have a particular fabric in the top (or backing) that you want the thread to match, please attach a note on that particular fabric. The bobbin thread (shown on the back of the quilt) will be the same color as that used on the top of the quilt, so keep that in mind when picking a thread color as well as a pattern. Patterns that may slightly disappear on the pieced top will stand out on the back.
  10. Some non-cotton backings, such as minky and fleece, stretch a great deal and require extra work to load and quilt. Please see order sheet for charges for such backings.

A Final Note from Jennifer:
While I always take the utmost care in quilting your precious quilt top, sometimes your completed quilt may not turn out to be exactly what you had in mind. Should this be the case, I will do my best to make it right. However, I cannot be held responsible for misunderstandings between what you had in mind and how your quilt was completed. When you send me your quilt, you acknowledge that we are all human and that things may not turn out absolutely perfect. I have quilted many, many quilts over the years and there has never been a problem. Be assured that I take pride in making your quilt as perfect as possible. I reserve the right to refuse any quilt that I feel cannot be completed to your satisfaction.


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